Police Games

In the past decade, the role of police has drastically changed. Gone are the days of crime fighting, chases and shootouts with the intention of stopping a robbery spree. Today, we have games that let us become cops and solve crimes. With the advent of technology and a wide variety of games available, it is not surprising anymore to play these games. In fact, many adults do.

In many detective type games, you assume the role of a rookie cop who has been given the task of finding out if a burglary has been committed or not. To assist you in this mission, you will be required to make use of various tools such as solving crime scenes, questioning witnesses, gathering evidence, and so on. To help you search for clues, you can opt for the advanced version of Police Mania. This requires some prior knowledge, but if you master it well, you will be able to quickly solve crime scenes and interrogate witnesses in the process. In fact, it is one of the most popular choices among kids as they usually enjoy solving crimes and identifying suspects.

The next option that you can choose when it comes to investigating crime scenes is the detective simulation. Here, you will need to go through a series of cut-scenes before you can move to the next level. The first part is generally the planning stage while you organize and create a profile of the suspect. Then you will need to talk to a number of witnesses, inspect the crime scene, and execute any necessary actions. These are some of the best police games on mobile devices.

When it comes to investigation, you can opt for the investigative mode, which prompts you to trace the criminal through the collected evidence. You may either use the phonebook or your computer to gather enough information and solve the case. For those who are looking for the best police games on your device, shooting sequences are also available. Here, you will have to plan and choose the perfect moment to shoot your suspect.

Lastly, you can also play detective and cop games around the computer. To start with, you will be required to get ready for a number of tasks. These may include checking the CCTV footage, speaking to witnesses, consulting with the police force, and handling negotiations. These features are usually available on all versions of these games, so you need to look for the best police games around to get prepared for the challenges ahead.

Apart from investigating and dealing with cases, there are also many other options available in a police games iPhone and iPod Touch. For example, you can choose to play detective with your friends. You can go on a wild goose chase and get caught in all sorts of tricky situations. In addition, there are many different levels available in these exciting games and you can increase your level by upgrading your gadgets.

For those who want more of a challenge, you can play detective and adventure games with your friends. You can investigate crime scenes, work with detectives and scientists, and solve crimes using advanced gadgets. There are several exciting levels available, so you can always feel like you’re on top of the law. The silver case option allows you to play as a cop, so you can solve crimes as a seasoned investigator.

To enjoy playing detective and adventure game on your mobile phone, try out the top selling iPhone and iPod Touch apps which have been designed by award-winning designers. These experts have worked on some of the most realistic police and crime scenes around. They will take you through exciting shootouts and dangerous situations that you won’t find in the book or movies.