Princess Games

Every princess needs a good game for princess parties! Everyone loves princesses and playing with princesses is a great way to show them how much you care. Whether your little girl is one who spends her days pretending to be a princess or one who likes to let her inner beauty shine, she will love to have some fun with princess themed games at her next birthday party. No matter what age your little princess is, there are many different types of games for her to enjoy. Here are some examples:

Dressing Up Games – Dress up with one of your favorite princess party games and have the girls try to make you the new king or queen. Each person gets a crown and a tiara and must try to match the outfits to the picture on the dress up page. The first couple are at a major disadvantage trying to make the other people happy have a ball! This is a game that can also be played as a relay race so each participant can keep up with the others and the winner is the girl with the fastest time!

Makeover Games – Dress your favorite princess in the newest make-over game. There are online princess games for kids that allow you to create your favorite princess and then give her makeovers. You can give her a facelift, give her a fake nose, or even color her hair! Any princess will love getting a makeover and will have fun trying to get the others to agree with her look. If you are looking for a great activity to keep the little girls busy try this one!

Color Search – Princesses are color savvy and will love to color in color pictures. Have your little princesses color in the picture on the coloring pages. Whoever comes out with the most colorful picture wins! Coloring pages can be purchased at any local retail store or you can create your own online princess coloring page. There are many fun princess party games that incorporate coloring to help your kids enjoy this activity.

Princess Dress Up – Princesses are always in the mood to dress up and play some fun dress up games. There are a variety of games that will have your princesses running around putting on a variety of costumes. You can find dress up games that include a Cinderella princess, a Snow White princess, and an Angelina Jolie princess all dressed up to match their respective movie character. Make sure that you make the costumes realistic enough so that your child can move and feel like a real princess. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas for these princess games have some fun thinking about what kinds of costumes you might like your children to wear.

Makeover Trial Run – Not everyone likes to get a make over and it can be a bit embarrassing to see your best friend’s face when they go in for a makeover. That is why some people online are offering free makeovers for their friends. You can give your child a free make over and even go along with them for the procedure. Your child will love the experience and may want to come back and give you a makeover again. If you are worried about the experience being painful, you can find other online princess games that involve water or sponge baths and other silly things that will make it more fun.

Dress Up Game – The Disney Princesses are popular and there are many free online princess games that involve dressing your favorite character for a ball, a fancy dress party, a date with a prince or princess and other situations. Find one or more of your favorite Disney princess games on the internet and give your daughter a chance to show off her personality while having fun. Make sure that you let her know beforehand that she could be a princess for a day and not a princess forever. She may just decide that she would rather be a Cinderella princess instead and that is fine as well.

Magic Carpet Rides – Princesses do not have to stay at the castle all the time they can go visit other places that have magic carpet rides. Find one of your favorite Disney princesses and set it up so that your daughter can follow them. You can build a trail of princesses leading her through a magical world where they visit shops, eat cake and meet prince charming’s from all over. Then they reach the final destination, which is the magic carpet ride where your princesses are launched through a tunnel and disappear into the clouds. There are many different versions of this game online and you may want to search the internet to find one that you like best.