Shooter Games

Playing sniper games develops a variety of cognitive abilities. This is especially true for Action games (shooters), many of which entail warring with monsters, in virtual reality. The best evidence comes from a variety of psychological training studies that recruit otherwise naive young video gamers (i.e., those who have never or rarely played shooter video games) and randomly assign them to play either a sniper or a soldier. The outcome? The soldiers developed better marks than the snipers did!

So it seems that first-person shooters, at least, may not be bad for your brain. And third-person shooters, at the very least, have nothing on second-person shooters. But what about gun games? Do they promote violence? Absolutely!

The main article discusses this question from both a scientific and developmental point of view. The study of game playing behavior was pioneered by Masuro Emoto, in which he showed that children as young as 10 exhibited an increased attention to game play, particularly with shoot games. Specifically, he found that, when given the choice between an action game that required moving around and a multiplayer first-person shooter game, kids chose the former. This has been replicated in numerous studies using controlled variables.

Other research from psychologists looking at the relationship between action and video games has also found a positive correlation. In fact, one paper published by researchers at Yale University and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showing evidence that action games, particularly shooters, are beneficial in the development of certain brain processes. The research looked at how the brains of gamers vary according to different types of shooters.

For example, it was found that action games were positively correlated with improved spatial ability. Likewise, there was found to be a positive correlation between action games and better verbal memory skills. Interestingly, it was found that playing video games was directly correlated with increased skill with a main game concept, such as hitting a target. In other words, the more a player tried to hit a target, the more accurate their performance.

Interestingly, the results were even more telling when it came to the Doom and Call of Duty video games. It was found that those who played the shooter game genre were the most accurate with regard to scoring on shooting tests. What does this mean for the future of the shooter game genre?

One thing that can be predicted is that we will continue to see more improvements in this genre, which should bode well for future titles. FPS or first-person shooter games are now so real-life that they have a sense of realism. They have been able to successfully capture the essence of combat. Players are not just running around the environment shooting at targets. Instead, they are making critical decisions based on the environment around them and the game’s mechanics. FPS games like Call of Duty and Doom are well known for their memorable storyline and memorable characters.

The future of shooter games looks strong and optimistic. As technology improves, the focus can be shifted to first-person and third-person shooting. Our ancestors may have had gun shooting gallery games, but today’s technology will enable a near infinite number of environments and game types. This will result in more possibilities and a much greater diversity of games. Happy hunting!

A notable entry in the third-person shooter games is theVPoker: Bulletproof Pilot. Playing as the pilot of a small light gun rail shooter vehicle, you must shoot down waves of aliens that have landed on your small planet. You must also defend your small planet from waves of enemy aircraft and also from the many rounds of automatic gun fire coming from your many enemies. This is a quite impressive achievement considering the fact that the game only involves one player – you!

The next two articles in this series will focus on first-person and multiplayer shooter games. In the second article we will look at first-person arena shooters. Arena shooters are very similar to FPS games in that they feature several varying objectives with several different ways to complete them. The objective in an arena shooter game is to kill all the enemies before the timer runs out. These games can offer some very deep and complex gameplay due to the various ways you can approach each objective.

The next Shooter Games article will be about multiplayer first-person shooters. In this installment we will take a look at the multiplayer aspects of both first-person shooters and multi-player online video games. We’ll also go over what makes a good first-person shooter and look at some of the unique challenges presented by multiplayer first-person-perspective video games. If you enjoy first-person shooters but don’t enjoy the limited freedom of having only a few degrees of freedom, you might consider a multiplayer shooter match for your next big gaming update!